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Many online retailers use suppliers to hold stock for them. LEAPS using a mix of local-to-customer brands and retailers, to reduce costs of shipping and fulfillment, and global premium brand suppliers, when we can get economies of scale from buying in bulk. We have access to multiple suppliers, based in all the regions where we have customers. This means we can make deliveries quicker and cheaper, and avoid warehouse and storage costs as much as possible.

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We select premium brands who can help you to meet your members expectations of speed of delivery. In addition to drop shipping we offer in-house fulfillment to make sure delivery within the expected time.

The customer experience isn’t complete until the reward is physically in the customer’s hands.

Our LEAPS Rewards Loyalty Catalog and Services will make your program more relevant, appealing and successful.

Leaps International has a worldwide logistic support network that is able to handle order processing, warehousing and distribution to facilities anywhere in the world. This logistic support can be tailored to your specific requirements.

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