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LEAPS LOYALTY Leading in travel and lifestyle rewards

For loyalty and rewards programs, personalization and service are everything. People expect quick responses and hyper-relevant offers tailored to their tastes and lifestyles, they want up-to-the-minute  points balances, and they want to access everything online using their favorite devices.

With covering over 350 million members around the world, personalization can be a challenge for loyalty and rewards program’s.

LEAPS LOYALTY is the leading travel and lifestyle rewards catalogue provider in Asia, Europe and North America with offices located around the world. Its 25-plus  program partners rely on the company to match their offers with the right people at just the right moments supported by local reward fulfillment solutions.

Global & Local Highly personalized offerings

Marketers used to spend a lot of time pulling the personalized upstream and downstream together. Segmenting audiences and compiling point balance totals were  a highly manual processes. Now it becomes easy – the marketing team usable to feeds audience segments into our Program Merchant Portal, which automatically pulls relevant partner offers into each region.

The monthly updates in upstream and downstream partners is consistently a strong performer that we provide to our customers. Working with experienced partners we reduce the lead time to deliver a highly personalized offering by more than 30%.

Modernize your program and effectively increase member engagement

Inactive members of loyalty programs
Members never redeem anything
Members abandone programs because of uninteresting and irrelevant rewards
Members abandone programs with no mobile App

Digital Transformation for customer and employee engagement

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Merchandise Sourcing

Activate your brand with loyalty and reward programs choosing from our global reward catalogue for your redemption catalogue

Reward Catalog Enabler

LEAPS enables clients to leverage our global redemption catalogue where physical merchandise can be used for all redemption types such as point redemptions, point + cash redemptions, discount voucher and coupons.

Global & Local Fulfillment

End-to-end Supply Chain. Pick, Pack, Ship & Deliver

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