Grow your business with rewards for loyalty

One of the strongest opportunities to let your business grow is to work with rewards for loyalty to deliver more value to your established customer base. LEAPS has gained a proven track record in loyalty services. Our loyalty programs support companies to improve customer satisfaction.

With LEAPS as your supplier for loyalty and rewards programs, your brand and products can be affiliated with loyalty programs. Increase your sales by offering exclusive product deals and new product concepts. All products bought through the loyalty programs are covered by worldwide logistic support to the end user.

Online loyalty – Open new sales channels & Increase Loyalty

Generating new sales channels is more important than ever before in today’s shopping environment. We cooperate with the world’s premier product brands to deliver innovative product programs that give consumers the peace of mind and service they expect. Delighted customers become loyal customers, which translates to repeat business and increased revenue throughout all of your sales channels.

Opportunity to enhance online business

Consumer trust is an important factor in the path-to-purchase online. Our flexible programs cover a range of product categories from Travel Accessories to Beauty Products.


In collaboration with brand owners, we help customize products to suit loyalty and incentive programs. Product and packaging customization include co-branding, seasonal or event themes, exclusive deals and even complete new product ideas.

Product Portfolio

Together with our partners, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality products that meet the needs of the end user in different segments. Our product portfolio ranges from travel accessories to beauty products, mobile accessories, electronics, household appliances and more.

Global Logistic Support

Leaps International has a world wide logistic support network that is able to handle order processing, warehousing and distribution to facilities anywhere in the world. This logistic support can be tailored to your specific requirements.

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