Global Redemption catalog

LEAPS enables clients to leverage on a global redemption catalogue were physical merchandise can be used for redemption types such as point redemptions, point + cash redemptions, discount voucher and coupons.

We represent a personalized reward selection of premium brands that allow your members to redeem their points against a tailored inventory of the latest rewards. Choose from our global reward catalogue, or combine with our own existing inventory. This ensures our clients always have the right content for their program members, regardless of where they are based in the world.

Consumers expressed somewhat or higher interest in paying with points. This are the spend categories of interest for consumers

Everyday Merchants
Travel & Lifestyle
Consumer Goods
Discretionary stores

Enable Global Redemptions for employees and customers around the world

In one hand, LEAPS allows you a complete control over your reward points while your members can shop for a variety of products, including the leading consumer brands, the most exciting experiences and useful services base don your profile and location.

Careful and with your needs in mind selected rewards personalized to consumer preferences.

Enjoy unique rewards, enhanced recognition and exclusive tier benefits at every level. Discover many ways to collect and burn points across 5000+ partners, spent those points on our 3.000+ products on the Reward Marketplaces or use your points for utility services which gives you real benefits for all kind of services for your daily needs.


Transform the way consumers and employees use their rewards points

The monthly updates in upstream and downstream partners is consistently in our a strong performer that we provide to our customers. Our teams align with new partners and brands frequently to create the most relevant redemption offers to members around the world.  Working with experience up & downstream partners we reduced the lead time to deliver this highly personalized offerings by more than 30%

Consumers & Employees can use their mileage points for relevant partner offerings with every day merchants, travel & lifestyle partners, on consumer goods or using one of the utilities services.

Consumer and Luxury items

  • Selection of top class brands over 8 categories
  • The catalog provides redemption values on every level
  • Tailor-made approach through local and global merchant network tom offer the best possible rewarding experiences to members

Utilities and Services

Our reward catalog provided services that consumers use in their daily life. Your members simply have to collect their points and redeem on these services. We provide a booking tool or just send a QR code redemption voucher that consumers can use to redeem their reward at the location of the Merchant.

Leisure and Entertainment

In corporation with ticketing retailers and hotel chains we offer leisure and experience rewards. With our global coverage and local sourcing teams we are able to provide loyalty members redemption options that match their preferences

Everything you need to create amazing rewarding experiences

We’ve got you covered. Enable online reward commerce and grow your loyalty programs faster around the world.

Easing integration for all loyalty business

Enjoy a complete set of tools and use the same technology as the world’s leading brands to manage loyalty and redemption programs online.

You’ll be up and running fun a few weeks with a quick and easy integration and have a seamless, highly-converting and secure online reward environment.

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